Knowing what your options are helps you make better decisions. Our fleet of vehicle caters for individuals and groups. Regardless of whether you are traveling alone or in a group, doing a round trip back and forth the airport to pick up someone important or a group of friends heading to Foshan from Shenzhen, we will have the right vehicle for you. Vehicle  and car rental with driver on a daily basis is also available. Contact us for a quote.
Transport - Alphard_3
Toyota Alphard (HK to China)

The Alphards are usually dispatched for cross border trips between Hong Kong and Shenzhen. These Alphards usually fit a total of 6 passengers and brings you across to China without getting off the vehicle while crossing the custom.

Transport - Toyota Altis
Sedan Car (China) 

This range of vehicles are the most commonly used type for short range travel within Guangdong province. Vehicle fits a maximum of 4 passengers although we would strongly recommend 3 for maximum comfort. For longer distance travel, we recommend using premium vehicle such as the Toyota Camry or the Nissan Teana.

Transport - Buick mpv
MPVs (China)

These MPVs are dispatch when picking up 4 to 6 passengers. Or when you have golf bags in tow and require more space when travelling. These range of vehicles usually provides more space and thus comfort while travelling.

Transport - bmw
Luxury Cars (China)

Travel in style! Luxury cars are usually dispatched when you need to pickup someone important to you. Our range of Luxury cars includes the BMW 5 series, the Lexus ES300h, the Mercedes E200 and the Audi A6.

Transport - 18 seater
18 Seater Mini Bus (China)

This category of vehicles are dispatched when you have a passenger load of 8 to 18. We recommend using this category of vehicle for short to mid range travel (1 to 3 hrs) as comfort level in this type of vehicle is not high. When you have luggage in tow, this vehicle can only fit in a maximum of 14 passengers.

Transport - Toyota Coaster 23 seater
23 Seater Deluxe Mini Bus (China)

The Toyota Coaster provides more space and comfort and is suitable for long distance travel. This vehicle fits 23 passengers without luggage and 19 passengers with luggage.

Transport - 53 seater bus
33 / 42 / 55  Seater Deluxe Bus (China)

Irregardless of how many passengers you have, we have the solution just for you!