We know many have heard from friends horror stories of getting ripped off in KTVs, being charge a ridiculous amount for drinking only a bottle of wine or unknown items being charged in the bill. HFIC is here to assure that you will not encounter these problems when you book KTVs from us. When it comes to billing, we strive to be completely transparent on our billing items. On many occasions, we can even help you save some money by advising you on what type of room to book, what type of alcohol to order and how much to order?
If you are entertaining some VIPs and you need to bill everything (including tips) under one bill, do let us know in advance so that we can do the necessary arrangements. Kindly note that majority of KTVs do not allow tips to be charged into a credit card. For some joints which allow, service charge of at least 10% will be charged on top of the tips amount. If you are charging the KTV bill into a foreign (non China issued) credit card, a service charge of 5% is usually charged.
Last but not least, we also have KTV promotional packages which will be listed under 'Events & promos' segment. Promotions will also be listed on our WeChat (id: hfic-sz) moments. Add our WeChat for our latest promos.