Over at HFIC, we do hotel bookings for all major cities in China. The rates published here are the rates you pay at the hotel front desk for their most basic room tier inclusive of taxes and service charge. Most rooms booked through us comes with 1 breakfast and allows you to accumulate points and stay for the hotel's membership program.
However, we do charge a booking fee of 50RMB to 300RMB per room per night depending on the hotel booked and the dates. In general, the higher the rate for the hotel, the higher the booking fees.
Despite the booking fees, we are still very confident that the overall cost of booking hotel through us will be lower than booking through online hotel booking sites. Many have benefited by making their booking through us. Some save as much as up to 400RMB per night per room and an overall saving of up to 40% compare to booking through online hotel booking sites.
Take a look at what we've got to offer and you will be pleasantly surprised. Over at HFIC, we help you stretch your dollar and you get more benefits!





Huizhou & Dongguan

惠州 / 东莞

Zhuhai . Zhongshan . Foshan

珠海 . 中山 . 佛山

Qingyuan . Zhanjiang

清远 / 湛江